For a snapshot of what it means to be a Louth Leeds Supporter – check out the pics below:

Elland Road and GC

GC at the Stadium of the Kings – 1994

Emmerdale cast

Emmerdale Cast and Louth on Tour Captains Lounge

Louth Branch on tour late 90s

Louth Branch on tour Captains Lounge


Young Whites in Neptune

GC and Pembo

GC Pembo and GT

Mickey F and PK

Paddy Kettle pointing the way To Mickey Foley

Mickey Coburn and son

Mickey Coburn and Michael Coburn Jnr (Sept 1993 post 2-1 win v Man United) The 10 year old went on to play for Dundalk FC

Mickey_ Greg and Jason

Jason, Mickey and Greg at Elland Road

Tony and Paddy

Paddy Kettle and Mickey Foley listening to Leeds legend, Tony Currie in Lorne Hotel, Dundalk 1997

Monaghan brigade

Monaghan Whites at Charity Quiz in Peadars lead by Terry McQuaid

Quinns x 3

Lynsday Quinn and Friend

Pat and Deano

Pat and Deano


Sean C and Simon G

Alan Clarke and Friends

Liam Quinn, Gerry C, Allan Clarke and Greg T

Blackburn Rvs Peacock 1

Cooley and Pete Sebine (The Old Peacock pre Blackburn Rvs Sep 2012)